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Wake up in an artwork

November 20, 2010


Being a passionate art collector, art lover and art museum visitor, I always wanted to compile this list.

Imagine waking up amidst masterpieces of well known contemporary and modern artists….

There are many art hotels around the world, but these selected hotels have  used their rooms as canvases or gallery spaces. Every room in the following hotels is differently decorated with an artistic theme by famous aritsts. Its almost like sleeping in an artwork!!!!

Fox Hotel   – Copenhagen, Denmark

Fox Art Hotel 

 Every room is a piece of art, with murals, paintings on the wall and matching accessories and furniture. The rooms are decorated by contemporary artists from around the world. There are 61 rooms, 21 artists, 1,000 ideas. The rooms are covered with everything from Manga, pop art, cartoons, graffiti, video game characters etc. Some of the known artists are German artist Boris Hoppek, Italian designer Simon Legno. The hotel is actually owned by the German car maker Volkswagen and was set up in 2005


Altier Sul Mare  – Castel de Tusa, Sicily

ARt Hotel

Atlier Sul Mare - Art hotel





 Atelier Sul Mare is a ‘hotel-museum’ with rooms designed by many talented artists specialized in contemporary art. The idea behind the project is to create a surreal world where the client dreams inside a museum and falls asleep in an artwork. Located along the coast, there is a wonderful view of the sea from the rooms. The unique element in this hotel is that you need to keep changing rooms every day, so as to provide variety to the guests and enable everybody to experience as many rooms as possible. 20 of the 40 rooms were realized by important international names such as Danielle Mitterand, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Luigi Mainolfi, Umberto Leone & Ute Pyka. 


Hotel du Petit Moulin – Paris, France

Art Hotel - Petit Moulin

Petit Moulin - Art hotel






This 17th century building, the site of an ancient bakery, has been completely renovated. French designer Christian Lacroix has transformed the interior of this former bakery. The 17 rooms represent 17 ways to discover the area Le Marais, from rustic history to zen spaces.“Each of the 17 rooms corresponds to a way of approaching this area of Paris where you don’t go downstairs by chance but rather because you are drawn by the History and the spirit of the times.” Christian Lacroix. The facade, dating back to 1900, as well as the shop sign, both of which are registered as historic monuments, have been preserved.


Gramercy Park Hotel – New York, United States of America

Gramecy park - art hotel

gramercy park - art hotel








The bold, individualistic spirit of the public spaces at the Gramercy Park Hotel is carried on into the 185 guest rooms and luxury suites here in Manhattan. They are generously scaled and beautifully appointed. Each is different with its own unique layout, vivid Renaissance color palette inspired by Raphael and distinctive collection of art and objects. The Gramercy Park Hotel in Manhattan opened its door in 1925.


Le Sutra – Mumbai, India

Le Sutra - art hotel

Le Sutra - Indian Art Hotel


A non-descript old hotel in the streets of mumbai was refurbished and redesigned by several artists, designers, curators, philosophers and visualizers to create India’s first art hotel. Taking from a palette of philosophy, myth, art form, and historic pride, it turned out to be quite a journey as we delved across time in our search of the illusive Indian-ness.

Well start the journey of experiencing them…… Sweet dreams…

Le Sutra – an art hotel explored

June 28, 2010

For mind, body and soul


Explore Indian art and philosophy amid material comforts at Le Sutra: the Indian art hotel in Mumbai.


An oasis of calm: Embark on a spiritual journey through India at Le Sutra

As you drift through the mystical world of Indian art and philosophy set amid the tranquil earthy mysticism and eroticism of Le Sutra, you’ll be transported to a time and place far away.

It’s an oasis of calm in stark contrast to the vibrant suburban west side of Mumbai with a bright orange mural on its outer wall that’s really hard to miss. The wall was painted and signed by Baz Luhrmann, the award winning director of “Romeo and Juliet” and “Moulin Rouge”, and the Australian artist Vincent Fantauzzo known for his portrait of the late Heath Ledger and Baz Luhrmann himself.

Once inside, it’s easy to forget that you’re in a city, surrounded by the pandemonium of fast cars, busy people, typical Mumbai chatter and a shopping district that lures residents to indulge in retail therapy.

Ascend the chakras



At Le Sutra, you’ll be drawn away from the mundane and material as you float in a sort of semi trance on a journey that begins in the lobby and continues as you ride up the elevator, ascending up the 7 ‘ chakras’ (the spiritual body’s energy centres located along the spine) to the pinnacle of peace. Everything here seems surreal, but that’s what makes the experience so unique.

Sutra in Sanskrit means ‘a thread that binds things together’ and Le Sutra is a place where art and philosophy are woven into a tapestry of Indianness framed for the wall of hospitality. A mind-body-soul communion in a place where art form, energy and inspiration are crafted into contemporary artwork that speaks of Indian mysticism is what Le Sutra is all about. Under an hour’s drive from Mumbai’s international airport and conveniently close to West Bandra’s colourful shopping area with plenty of posh pubs and restaurants the hotel is ideally located for the discerning traveller.

This 16-room boutique hotel will take you on a spiritual journey through India with the luxuries of personalised service and hotel amenities, features and facilities that make your stay in Mumbai both interesting and comfortable.

“With a tour of Le Sutra you can actually complete a spiritual or mystic learning of India, which is far more exciting than in an ashram; not that I’m competing with ashrams,” says Mr. Bajaj, the company’s director.


There’s something intriguing about climbing down the curving stairways and walking through the corridors with antique jaalilamps over head casting lacy shadows around you. There’s an aura waltzing through every chamber, every hallway here that takes you journeying back in time through Indian mythology.

The reception, where you start your journey through the pages of Indian philosophy, is a rendition of Kundalini, the coiled cosmic energy lying dormant at the base of the spine. This is the energy needed to ascend through the three gunas or levels of consciousness: Taamsic, ‘Raajsic’ and ‘Saatvic’, up the seven chakras (the energy centres on the vertical axis of the spiritual body) that appear in succession as you ride up in the lift to the top floor. The three gunas are the themes on which the art and design of the hotel are based with a floor devoted to each idea.

Each room is a contemporary personification of Ravana, Ashoka or Buddha or an embodiment of sensuality, love or purification and each offers a new experience and whispers a different secret. There’s Dyutta, the gambling room; the Kathak room that depicts the classical Indian dance form and 14 more uniquely decorated chambers here.

Art everywhere



Le Sutra is a hotel that is art with every detail in the room from the chair to the headboard coming together to tell an intriguing tale of India with an in-room interactive TV that lets you explore the subject in greater depth once your curiosity has been roused.“It appeals to you aesthetically, it tickles your mind and hopefully it’ll inspire your soul. I’m not saying this as a sales pitch but I would like you to experience it for yourself,” says Bajaj.

At Le Sutra you can immerse yourself in a world of art, without going to a museum and take a spiritual journey within yourself in air-conditioned comfort with the luxurious essentials of fresh linen, vivid colours and incense. You won’t find a pool or a spa here but you will find peace of mind and artistic soul food, some instantly visible and some a surprise that you stumble upon but every detail is a flicker that lights the way to spiritual awakening.

“I want to get your body and I know I’ll get your mind, but can I dig deeper than that? Can I go to that part of you which even you don’t know? Maybe your subconscious or your unconscious mind. Can I appeal to that, to those deeper sensibilities, or your spiritual being? Can I tickle that part of you and, if I can, do I have any competition in the world?” says Bajaj.

Times of India, 27 June 2010