About the blog

This blog is intended to serve as a beginners guide for art lovers and collectors. We will try to answer the FAQs of art.

Art like music can bring joy and comfort to the viewer. A painting is something that can be appreciated by everybody. This blog is an initiatvie by Monsoon Canvas to bring art to the masses and make it a part of everyone’s life. You need not be a connoisseur to appreciate and understand paintings. All you need is the attitute to live and enjoy life.

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2 Responses to “About the blog”

  1. usha shantharam Says:

    I really like this site. I am an artist myself, painting in the impressionist style at present: Monet being my inspiration. The posts are very interesting and informative.

    The extensive observation on the ‘Mona Lisa’ is interesting.

  2. classichawaiianart Says:

    i like your effort of taking initiative of bringing arts and paintings popular.i will be with you in this effort.same like i am with the effort of making classical paintings popular.to checkout some classic hawaii arts and paintings please visit http://www.classichawaiiana.com/Duke-Kahanamoku-3-1-0-c.aspx

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