Wake up in an artwork


Being a passionate art collector, art lover and art museum visitor, I always wanted to compile this list.

Imagine waking up amidst masterpieces of well known contemporary and modern artists….

There are many art hotels around the world, but these selected hotels have  used their rooms as canvases or gallery spaces. Every room in the following hotels is differently decorated with an artistic theme by famous aritsts. Its almost like sleeping in an artwork!!!!

Fox Hotel   – Copenhagen, Denmark

Fox Art Hotel 

 Every room is a piece of art, with murals, paintings on the wall and matching accessories and furniture. The rooms are decorated by contemporary artists from around the world. There are 61 rooms, 21 artists, 1,000 ideas. The rooms are covered with everything from Manga, pop art, cartoons, graffiti, video game characters etc. Some of the known artists are German artist Boris Hoppek, Italian designer Simon Legno. The hotel is actually owned by the German car maker Volkswagen and was set up in 2005


Altier Sul Mare  – Castel de Tusa, Sicily

ARt Hotel

Atlier Sul Mare - Art hotel





 Atelier Sul Mare is a ‘hotel-museum’ with rooms designed by many talented artists specialized in contemporary art. The idea behind the project is to create a surreal world where the client dreams inside a museum and falls asleep in an artwork. Located along the coast, there is a wonderful view of the sea from the rooms. The unique element in this hotel is that you need to keep changing rooms every day, so as to provide variety to the guests and enable everybody to experience as many rooms as possible. 20 of the 40 rooms were realized by important international names such as Danielle Mitterand, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Luigi Mainolfi, Umberto Leone & Ute Pyka. 


Hotel du Petit Moulin – Paris, France

Art Hotel - Petit Moulin

Petit Moulin - Art hotel






This 17th century building, the site of an ancient bakery, has been completely renovated. French designer Christian Lacroix has transformed the interior of this former bakery. The 17 rooms represent 17 ways to discover the area Le Marais, from rustic history to zen spaces.“Each of the 17 rooms corresponds to a way of approaching this area of Paris where you don’t go downstairs by chance but rather because you are drawn by the History and the spirit of the times.” Christian Lacroix. The facade, dating back to 1900, as well as the shop sign, both of which are registered as historic monuments, have been preserved.


Gramercy Park Hotel – New York, United States of America

Gramecy park - art hotel

gramercy park - art hotel








The bold, individualistic spirit of the public spaces at the Gramercy Park Hotel is carried on into the 185 guest rooms and luxury suites here in Manhattan. They are generously scaled and beautifully appointed. Each is different with its own unique layout, vivid Renaissance color palette inspired by Raphael and distinctive collection of art and objects. The Gramercy Park Hotel in Manhattan opened its door in 1925.


Le Sutra – Mumbai, India

Le Sutra - art hotel

Le Sutra - Indian Art Hotel


A non-descript old hotel in the streets of mumbai was refurbished and redesigned by several artists, designers, curators, philosophers and visualizers to create India’s first art hotel. Taking from a palette of philosophy, myth, art form, and historic pride, it turned out to be quite a journey as we delved across time in our search of the illusive Indian-ness.

Well start the journey of experiencing them…… Sweet dreams…

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